ACTS 2018 Missions & Online Forms



*Mission Size – 180 participants
8th to 15th Dec 2018

Battambang is the main city of Battambang Province and the third largest city in Cambodia.

During the genocidal years of the Pol Pot regime 1975-1979, many priests, religious and lay Catholics were killed including the first Apostolic Prefect of Battambang, Bishop Paul Tep Im Sotha. In 1990 permission was given to Catholics to worship freely in Cambodia. In 2000, Enrique Figaredo (Monsignor Kike) was appointed Apostolic Prefect in Battambang. Bishop Kike has invited ACTS to work with the poor and needy in the field of education and health together with the Salesian sisters who help run the Don Bosco Cambodia Foundation.

ACTS Cambodia-Battambang would like to invite 180-200 volunteers (age limit 12-70) to participate in an advent mission from the 8th to 15th December 2018. Do join us to make it an eventful and holy Advent for Battambang and you. God Bless.

Estimated cost: Approximately SGD350 for hotel and mission fees (includes transport and meals) and another $ 450 for airfare to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh depending on airline chosen.



*Mission Size – 150 participants
8th to 15th Dec 2018

Rustic villages, bare foot children running in dusty lanes, run-down shacks in need of repair... DO NOT come to Phnom Penh (PP) if this is your ideal mission.

PP is a modern metropolis with malls and traffic jams. ACTS-Singapore has been working with the Salesian Sisters and the Missionary of Charity Home Sisters for more than 10 years. We have seen the development of the community over the years and the needs have also evolved over time.

Come to PP if you realise that poverty comes in many forms... Come to PP as individuals or as families if you think that you can make a difference to young people who have to grapple with the ills of modern society. Come to PP to share and exchange life experiences and skills. Come if you want to make a difference.

Work Scope:

  • Medical and Dental
  • Self Defense instructors
  • Young people to run sports/ interactive classroom programmes
  • IT Experts, Bakers and TEACHERS
  • CGS instructors and trained facilitators

Estimated cost: SGD180 + accommodation USD25-40 per night X7 twin share (excluding flight)



*Mission Size – 20 to 25 participants
1st Dec to 7th Dec 2018 (FULL)
Waiting list only

Hlaing Thar Yar is a poor township outside Yangon, where the Salesian sisters run a kindergarten to provide education for children from poor families and also after-school care and tuition for students. They also work in conjunction with the Infant Jesus Church nearby. We need doctors* for a medical team, triage support for the team, teachers/helpers for kindergarten and tuition children, catechists for catechism sharing, painters for walls & murals, helpers to improve cleanliness of the environment, therapists to help women in crisis, and others to teach them sewing and knitting skills. Participants must be prepared to multi-task in order to assist where required and also be fruitfully engaged.

*(Besides having general practitioners on the medical team, we also need medical specialists for the purpose of medical registration to cover the whole team.)

The estimated cost per participant is SGD 600 to 800 inclusive of airfare, accommodation, mission fees (covering meals, water & land transport) but excluding personal expenses. Age limit for participants is 15 to 70.



*Mission Size – 18 participants
1st Dec to 8th Dec 2018

Located 45 min outside Mandalay city, the Salesian sisters’ home at Chanthagon cares for girls doing their college education. This mission has a strong education emphasis and involves teaching the girls English, computer skills, accounting and also preparing them for work – resume writing, interview skills, grooming, motivational/relationship awareness. We also need doctors and a triage team as well as members to do work with kindergarten children, painting and maintenance work.

The estimated cost per participant is SGD 900 to 1,200 (depending on airline choice) inclusive of airfare, accommodation, mission fees (covering meals, water & land transport) but excluding personal expenses. Age limit for participants is 15 to 70.



*Mission Size – 50 participants
6 Dec to 13 Dec 2018 (FULL)
Waiting List only!

Our mission supports the Salesian priests and sisters at their 3 centres in rural Anisakan village and Pyin Oo Lwin township, both two hours from Mandalay. Some 250 teenage boys and girls from poor and at-risk backgrounds board and are cared for at these centres, receiving education, vocational training and character formation. The sisters have also just begun lower primary school classes for 150 poor village children, while also running kindergarten classes for 300 children, most of whom will not go to school without the sisters’ presence. The Salesian priests and sisters also provide pastoral care to impoverished families in the villages.

During our mission, we need doctors and triage support, people who can teach English and general knowledge to young people, anyone who enjoys engaging kindergarten/primary school children and teens in learning and activities, those with interests in faith formation, baking/cooking, sewing, and basic painting/maintenance works.

The estimated cost per participant is SGD 900 to 1,100 (depending on airline choice), and includes airfare, accommodation, mission fees (covering meals, water & land transport) but excludes personal expenses. Age limit for participants is 15 to 70.



*Mission Size – 50 participants
26th Nov to 30th Nov 2018

ACTS Manila returns in 2018. We are excited to announce that we will resume the annual one-week outreach mission to the Philippines, in support of the Salesian Sisters based in Manila. During this one-week program in late November, you will have the opportunity to participate in various programs:

  • engaging and befriending the children from the neighbourhood poor in creative activities, games together with song and dance.
  • imparting value formation modules with children from Grade 5 & Grade 6.
  • interacting and working with disadvantaged girls
  • conduct classes to impart income-generating or practical skills to mothers
  • engaging a cheerful group of seniors in games, song and dance.

In working alongside with the Sisters and local volunteers, ACTS members will gain exposure to living conditions in the squatter areas of Manila, as well as be enriched by the cheerful disposition of the local residents despite their destitute conditions. Given that the Filipinos have a greater exposure to English, there is less of a language barrier in interacting with the local community.



*Mission Size – 30 participants
8th to 15th Dec 2018

Kampong Thom is a small town about 2 hours between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. We have primarily a medical mission mission to two small villages there. We are looking at participants who can help with medical nursing and General IT and logistic support for about 1000 patients over the 5 days we are there. Ability to work with children will be a plus.