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2017 Philippines



*Mission Size – 40 seats
26th Nov to 2nd Dec 2017

ACTS Manila returns in 2017. We are excited to announce that we will resume the annual one-week outreach mission to the Philippines, in support of the Salesian Sisters based in Manila. During this one-week program in late November, you will have the opportunity to participate in various programs:

  • engaging the children from the neighbourhood poor in creative activities and games
  • tutoring children from squatter areas
  • teaching and interacting with female students with special needs
  • conduct classes to impart income-generating or practical skills to poor mothers
  • engaging a cheerful group of oldies and homeless in games, singing, and dancing

In working alongside with the Sisters and local volunteers, ACTS members will gain exposure to living conditions in the squatter areas of Manila, as well as be enriched by the cheerful disposition of the local residents despite their destitute conditions. Given that the Filipinos have a greater exposure to English, there is less of a language barrier in interacting with the local community.