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12 years of Evangelization and Works of Mercy

As we quietly prepare for our 2018 mission trips, it is timely to reflect as well as to celebrate, all that has been achieved these past 12 years through the immense grace of God, who has sown a tiny mustard seed here in Singapore, nurtured it with His love, and watched its branches grow strong, reaching far and wide, offering shade to many in need.

We believe in our mission to share, and we do so first by strengthening our own faith through prayer ~ the fertile soil that binds us together in place, giving us the nutrients to do what is right, so that the fruits we bear are good.

The stories and testimonies in this commemorative booklet are the "good fruit" we hope you will enjoy and share with your friends. These works and projects of ACTS were presented as a gift to our Holy Father Pope Francis at a papal audience on 28th May 2018.

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ACTS 12yrs of Evangelization and Works of Mercy

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