ACTS 2019 Registration (WAITING LIST) - Battambang Mission

Registration for this mission is FULL. If you wish to proceed, your registration will now be put on a WAITING LIST. A notification letter of your status on the WAITING LIST will be sent to you at your given email address before 23 June 2019. Should you have any queries, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Participating family members are required to register individually.


! Date of Birth: Participants must be between 12-70 years of age this calendar year.


EMERGENCY CONTACT (should not be travelling on the same mission trip)

PERSONAL PROFILE (about yourself)




Youths below 19 years old must be accompanied by an Adult / Guardian for the mission.
A guardianship responsibility is extended to no more than 2 minors not of kin.


I consent to receive relevant information relating to its programmes, activities, events from A Call To Share (ACTS), its affiliated organisations, agents and authorised service providers via voice call / phone calls,  SMS/MMS, fax, email and any other electronic means of communication at the telephone number and email addresses that I have provided to ACTS.



GUARDIANS (for participants under 19)
Due to past experiences in previous missions, mission leaders have considered it prudent to institute the following guidelines for guardianship:
- Guardians of youths should be >= 25 years old
- Maximum of 2 wards per guardian
- Guardians must fly in with their wards
- Guardians must be responsible for their wards in “off” hours
- 1 ward can have 2 guardians (in case they move from 1 mission to another etc)

Participants are responsible for purchasing their own flight tickets and travel insurance (this is mandatory).

Hotel reservations will be arranged for participants and all room and miscellaneous charges incurred will be settled by participants upon check out on the last day.

Mission fee for Battambang is SGD160 per person. This amount is used to help defray costs incurred for Cambodia airport transfers to and from hotel, all meals, daily water supply, local coach transfers and any expenses that may arise during mission week.  Any excess balance from the total fee collected will be put back into the ACTS Central Mission Fund for use the following year. There will be no issuance of refunds unless on medical grounds or exception reasons.

In preparation for a meaningful outreach experience, you will need to attend 3 Pre-Mission sessions. In particular, participants will not be accepted until after they attend the mission awareness session on Sunday 23 June. Please do not book travel until you have been officially accepted by the mission.

Participants travelling on budget airlines, please purchase luggage space as we would like to request each participant to carry up 5-10kg of gifts/medicines needed for the mission.

Participants may choose to fly into Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

The bus journey from Siem Reap to Battambang is 3.5 hours.
The bus journey from Phnom Penh to Battambang is 7 hours.
If you fly into Siem Reap, you must arrive at Siem Reap airport before/by 7 December 15:45pm. (no later)
If you fly into Phnom Penh, you must arrive at Phnom Penh airport before/by 7 December 1:05pm. (no later)
NOTE: Airport transfer to Battambang will be provided only at these locations and times.

For the return journey, participants will leave Battambang in the morning on Saturday 14 December.

Siem Reap Departure: It is a 3.5 hours drive to Siem Reap, we will arrange airport transfer out from Battambang to Siem Reap airport at 5.30am and 9am. This will enable participants to take the 10.40am Silkair flight back to Singapore.

Phnom Penh Departure: It is a 7 hours drive to Phnom Penh, we will arrange airport transfer out from Battambang to Phnom Penh airport at 5am and 9am. This will enable participants to take the 2.05pm Silkair flight back to Singapore.