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In April 2011, ACTs changed its name to A Call To Share (ACTS), not only to expand its outreach beyond Cambodia but also to encompass its works as a year-long programme. With the name change, ACTS helps its mission participants with the following:

1. To share the experience of Christ, skills and resources with the
i)     Children   
ii)    Poor  
iii)   Needy (spiritual needs as well as physical)

2. To experience the joy of service with the participants, especially for the youths, to impart the love and joy of giving, to be happy to do it with a smile and to be dependent on the value systems of the 5 characteristics:
i)     Christ-centredness
ii)    Integrity
iii)   Respect and humility
iv)   Commitment
v)    Generosity (especially in terms of resources and time)



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