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updated 16 Jan 2012


2011 SEP

ACTS sponsored a 40-footer container to ship useful items to Canosian Schools in Timor Leste.

Total cost of the container and shipping charges, estimated about S$4,000.00

Fourteen Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students went on an overseas community service trip to Dili, Timor Leste, from 3 to 13 September 2011 as part of the IT Joy Timor Leste project. A multi-disciplinary project, the trip saw students from various SP schools working together and putting their skills to better the livelihoods of the Timorese people.

This project is a follow-up on last year's "IT Joy Timor Leste 2010" project, where another group of students set up computer labs for the schools. This time round, the SP students shared IT skills with the local teachers and students. Apart from that, the students also taught them English through songs and sharing sessions, and introduced a new initiative of creative cards-making to the Timorese people as an income-generating source.

As a show of appreciation, the students were invited to meet Timor Leste's President Jose Ramos-Horta, Deputy Prime Minister Jose Luis Guterres, and the Secretary of State of Natural Resources, Alfredo Pires. The friendly and humble demeanor of the Timor Leste leaders impressed the students, who shared with them about the courses in SP. The President of Timor Leste was especially interested to find out what are the students' ambitions. He also expressed that he was impressed with Singapore's development, which is something that Timor Leste would like to learn from.

Through this trip, the students were inspired to become more active and caring world citizens. They have learnt leadership skills and have a better understanding of the Timorese culture and socio-economic development. They have also come closer to appreciating what they have and are more aware of their potential to make a difference in society.

The students have definitely found their experience in Timor Leste something to remember for a lifetime!


Article contributed by Vicky Quek

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