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The Humanitarian Forum & Fair organized by CHARIS, was held on 22 June 2013. Affiliates of CHARIS, involved in overseas humanitarian or mission work, participated in the event. It allowed the affiliates, including ACTS, to share their experiences during the forum and break-out sessions and also showcase their efforts in helping the poor and needy in other countries, during the exhibition.

ACTS’ booth at the event featured eye-catching posters, banners and brochures depicting our commitment and involvement in Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam. Many visited our booth to enquire, leading to a number signing up to volunteer or find out more. At the forum’s plenary session, our Vice Chairman, Damian Png was one of the main speakers, providing an interesting insight on ACTS’ experience in Cambodia and other countries.

The highlight of the event was the concert “Dancing Rice” featuring the Battambang Arrupe & Tahen (BAT) Dance Troupe which entertained the audience with traditional Cambodian dance and music. It was unique to see physically challenged dancers, including those in wheelchairs dancing along with the rest of the troupe. Their dances were complemented by the performances of other local groups and singers, making the evening truly enjoyable. As the BAT troupe was in Singapore for two weeks, Audrey Ruyters and her team coordinated their entire schedule to ensure that they were well cared for and had a comfortable, fun-filled and meaningful visit.




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