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updated 21 Jan 2014

It has been an exciting year with a shocking abdication of Pope Benedict, the hail of an unconventional Pope Francis(subsequently named Person of the Year), the death of iconic Nelson Mendela at age 95, a fair share of civil unrests and wars in various countries and the sadness of natural disasters. As we enter the new annum, we give thanks to His Almighty for having blessed and watched over each and every one of us with His providence.

All missions undertaken in December 2013 were simply fulfilling and truly life-changing for many. ACTS Phnom Penh saw a phenomenal increase in participants and ACTS Battambang missioned with a burgeoning group too. When Typhoon Haiyan struck, ACTS Philippines responded with willing hands. For ACTS Vietnam and ACTS Myanmar, the countries unpredictable state of affairs kept plans at bay but we will be gearing up for the new chapters to be written there.

We are immensely proud to kick off this season with our very first E-Newsletter – Issue 1, a long-time wish of our founder Dr John Lee. It is titled “Acts Of The Apostles” reflecting our invitation as a Catholic to journey a heartfelt and grace-filled time on earth, sharing our life-story with others and experiencing the simple essence and power in the joy of Christian service.

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