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In Vietnam, ACTS & CHARIS co-funded the construction of a water treatment system for a kindergarten run by the Salesian Sisters. The project went on line earlier this year. Sited in the coastal village of Binh Chau, this education centre caters to 100 children (age 3 - 7 years) from poor families living in surrounding rural area with no access to clean water.

When water samples were tested at Pasteur Institute, results showed that the turbidity, iron, coliform, oxidation (organic substance) and colour did not meet the standard for drinking water with the presence of coloured organic matter (primarily humic & fulvic acids), iron & other metals. Water is critical in the health welfare of any human being, today, this school of 100 and her 20 staff members enjoy clean potable water thanks to CHARIS and a private ACTS donor.

Excerpt from Sr Maria Vu, translated by Sr Anne Tan:

aoa6 water“As of today, the water treatment system is working very well. It provides water for the community of 10 sisters, the kindergarten of 180 children and it also provides drinking and cooking water for 30 families each day. Each family can now have up to 20 litres or portable water.

The local people are economically poor, and they do not have a stable job. Most of them are hired workers, therefore, for the first 3 months, we provide water free of charge for 30 families. After that grace period, we will extend to 20 more families and will sell for 7.000 VND per 20 litres.

With this help, we believe that we can provide clean water for the local people to drink. Hopefully their health welfare will be improved, sicknesses can be lessened and a minimum standard of living for the people can be maintained.

We are very pleased with this gift and collaboration from Singapore. The amount of money you donated was not enough for the cost of the project. It funded about 2/3 of the total cost.

We thank you wholeheartedly and we hope that in the future, you can continue to collaborate with us to promote the life and to provide for the most essential needs of the less fortunate people.

May God bless all of you.
Sr. Anne Tran, FMA for Sr. Maria Vu”

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