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Sr Maria penned her thoughts...

“October 1, 2016

Dear Dr. John, Gabriel and ACTS missioners,

aoa6 vanIt was a very touching moment for us to experience the goodness and generosity of our brothers and sisters from Singapore who during our stay there for some days between 12 - 16 August of this year, made us feel their solidarity with our people.

It is out of their goodness that we, the Salesian Sisters from Hlaing Thar Yar (Yangon Division), were able to have a vehicle for our new mission. The community of the Salesian Sisters is 20 minutes drive from the Church and one to two hours drive from the houses of some of the parishioners. Previously, the Sisters used to go to church by bicycle or tricycle. During rainy season, we arrive to the Parish church completely drenched. Now we can attend mass without the worry of being soaked in a rainstorm. We believe that by having the vehicle we will be able to reach out to more people and follow up the families of our catechism children.

The new vehicle comes as an answer to our urgent need of having our own transportation. Now, the Sisters and our neighbors who are Catholics could attend the Mass together. It is indeed a great joy to be able to bring them to church.

Moreover, the Sisters can now do more regular home visitation, prayer meetings for the dead - a way to give consolation to the bereaved family members. What were activities that posed a struggle and difficulty have now become very convenient and safe for us to do our rounds in the villages.
Thanks to our good friends from ACTS who foresee and generously attend to the needs of this newly born community. We are truly happy and grateful to all our friends from Singapore, who have rallied to make all these things a beautiful reality.

May the good Lord bless your generous and kind heart!
With gratitude and prayers,
Sr. Maria Goretti Thuzar Aung”


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