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10 Nov 2013: REMINDER: The Final Admin Session will take place as follows:

Dear ACTS Participants,

The Final Admin Session will take place as follows:
Date: 17th November 2013 -Sunday
Venue: Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace
Time: 2pm sharp

Apart from the final briefing before our mission, do take note that we will be settling the following:


Recommended Vaccination for Cambodian Trip.

Many of you have been asking about the recommended vaccination for Cambodia. The ACTS medical team will be conducting a mass vaccination exercise on this day. There is no compulsory vaccines required but the following are recommended:

  1. Influenza (Northern Hemisphere 2013/2014).
    "Flu vaccine" received before Sept 2013 are no longer valid. ($15 each)
  2. Typhoid which last between 2 to 3 years ($25 each)
  3. Tetanus which last for 10 years ($20 each)
  4. Hepatitis A first injection will confer immunity for a couple of years. The second booster taken between 6 to 12 months later will give immunity for at least 20 years ($50 each)
  5. Malaria tablets ONLY for mission participants to Battambang. They will require about 40 tablets, to be taken daily, starting 3 days before departure until completion of the whole course of 40 tabs.

Dengue is endemic in Cambodia and the ACTS committee will be purchasing mosquito repellents containing DEET for every participants (others like Citronella are not recommended because they are not effective).

A vaccination certificate will be issued to those receiving the injections for their records.Please note that the rates quoted are very special rates EXCLUSIVE only to mission participants and are not available outside.

Do read the Travel Vaccination Information form for further information. You can facilitate the process by downloading and filling up the Vaccination Consent Form (one per participant) prior to the admin session and submitting it at the vaccine registration counter on the 17th.

If you have any queries regarding the vaccination you can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or raise it during the medical briefing sessions on the 17th.


For those who missed the sales of ACTS Mission T-Shirts, they will still be available at S$5/- per piece at the next session.



If you STILL HAVE NOT made your payment of S$120/- per pax, please bring your cash or a cheque to settle it.

Our accounting duo - Dawn Lee or Esther Loh will be present to handle all payments.


Form 1: Indemnity Form- Personal
Form 2: Indemnity Form- Parental Consent/ Guardian Nomination (Applicable for unaccompanied Minors - Age below 21)

For all who have not submitted your forms, please print them out, fill up the necessary, duly sign on them and return to us on this final meeting.

So, mark out the date and we shall see you on the 17th November. Remember, be punctual as we have plenty to accomplish.


God Bless

ACTS Secretariat

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