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ACTS Cambodia - Phnom Penh 2012

16 May 2012: In Advent 2006, a small group of parishioners of Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace, spent a week at a Don Bosco school in Cambodia where they were inspired by the Salesian Sisters to share the joy of service with others.

With the permission of Parish Priest Father Francis Lee, – ACTS – which stands for Advent Cambodia Trips as well as “A Call To Share” that follows the example of the Acts of the Apostles, was born.

This mission outreach has since grown to include people outside the parish and the Church. Since then, some 180 to 250 participants from different parishes as well as non-Catholics, have been on such mission trips each year.ACTS2012

The initiatives over the years include fundraising for the Don Bosco schools’ infrastructure, provision of medical and dental care, a food programme for the students throughout the year, educational and catechetical programmes and scholarships for the teachers and students, the setting up of computer laboratories, packing and distribution of love parcels that consisted of essentials for the poorest families and gift packages to the students of the three schools at Teuk Thla, Phum Chreh and Tuol Kork. Beyond all these programmes, volunteers and children bond through dance and sports, that bridged cultural and language barriers.

ACTS is working towards establishing long term sustainable projects to alleviate hunger, disease and poverty, but more importantly, to allow children to hope and dream like children elsewhere in the world, prompting one of the students to ask Salesian Sister Ophriini this poignant question, “Why do these strangers come from so far away to love us?”

As, Joanne, one of the participants said: “This trip allowed me to see God in the faces of these children, as they showered us with warm smiles and hugs, showing us that happiness can be very simple. I realised that often in our hurried lifestyles, we forget to show gratitude for the blessings we have in life. Most importantly, the children taught me how to give and receive love.”

Advent is a time for reflection and preparation for Christ’s birth. But for many ACTS participants, this mission was an epiphany that has changed their lives.



Registration for ACTS Cambodia 2012 is now open. We are looking for 180 participants between the ages of 12 to 70 years to join us on our mission trip. Mission week will be 8-15 December 2012. This year all applications will be done online.  Registration will open from mid April to end May, Registration will close earlier if our quota is reached earlier. 

arrowupdated 16May 2012:
Registration is now full. Any new applications will be placed on the waiting list.

In order to build a sense of mission and fellowship, all participants will be required to attend 2 compulsory formation and 2 administration sessions.

Administration and Spiritual Formation Sessions
There will be 2 administration sessions and 2 spiritual sessions this year. All are compulsory.

01 Jul 2012 Sun - Administration session. 2.30pm – 5pm at Queen of Peace Church
04 Aug 2012 Sat - Spiritual session. 3pm – 9pm at St Ignatius Church.
02 Sep 2012 Sun - Spiritual session. 2.30pm – 5pm at Queen of Peace Church.
25 Nov 2012 Sun - Pre mission trip Administration and Vaccination session. 2.30pm – 5pm at Queen of Peace Church.

Advance payment of SGD 120 will be collected to cover logistics and food. Participants will purchase their own air ticket and travel insurance. Hotel accommodation will be arranged for you, and you will pay for this when you check out. Hotel cost is approximately USD90 per head for the entire trip.

Please send your email enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

God bless.

Planning Committee
ACTS Cambodia 2012