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Visit to Siem Reap

17 APR 2012: Grade Six Graduating Students, Don Bosco - Phum Chreh


The joy and excitement of the students and teachers were tremendous when Sr. Leeza announced that the Grade six students would have a cultural visit to Seam Reap in March and their trip would be sponsored by Dr. Margaret from Singapore to whom they are deeply grateful and through the kind intervention of Dr. John Lee. Dr Margaret was an ACTS participant previously, she was deeply touched by the children and wanted to give them an opportunity to travel to their own wonder of the world as most of them had never had the chance to even leave their village.

In view of the visit, the teachers took much care and attention to give them some background knowledge about the places that they would be visiting. 


Set out to Seam Reap

The Secretary Ms. Kunthea prepared a booklet with a brief explanation of the various sites they would be visiting in Seam Reap province. The students were motivated to compose poems and songs about the heritage and culture of Khmer people and the beauty and the wealth of Cambodia. The songs composed were very meaningful and they sang in the bus with much joy and love for their country.


Place of Accommodation

For their physical nourishment Sr. Leeza and Sr. My Hanh did the marketing and shopping in Phnom Penh as food is cheaper and healthier there and decided to bring things to cook by themselves at the Jesuit service  center where they were accommodated.

The Jesuit Service Center is a place of paradise for the children with good bedrooms, mosquito nets, mats and pillows for each student, very neat and clean which they never had in their lives.

The ambience and the surroundings  were very conducive for them to play and enjoy themselves in the evenings after dinner.


At the Cultural Center

On arrival in Seam Reap the students visited the Museum, admired  the various customs and traditions of Khmer people especially  the tribes in different villages. They enjoyed moving around the villages watching the traditional scenes acted out and depicted.

Late in the evening they, through a play, witnessed how the Angkor Temple was built. The Play made them wonder and imagine how  brave and courageous their ancestors  were and they admired  the reality of its origin and how it was built in the 11th century by the Khmer people.



At Angkor Temple

It was a day of marvel and appreciation for  the Khmer culture. The students spent the second day at Angkor Wat. Their Experience of mounting the temples, observing the art and listening to the guide gave them a lasting impression and an increase of appreciation of their culture.


At Lake Boray

On the final day they had planned to go to Mt Kulen where  there is a beautiful water fall but unfortunately it  was raining and  it was too difficult for the buses to climb the mountain  and so they chose to go to Lake Boray and it turned out to be a very  enjoyable day.  The children could satisfy their desire to take a bath  before leaving Seam Reap.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Margaret  who supported the trip and Dr. John Lee who intervened to make it happen.

God Bless you!

Article contributed by Sr Leeza