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A little note from Cambodia

09 Dec 2011

Dear Friends,

On the eve of our departure for Cambodia, I would like to share an email from Sr Ched which in a few simple words describe what is the meaning of mission. She wrote:


You know, every day the children are asking me when you are coming although I told them many times already the dates. The very small ones could not understand but they're just counting how many nights of sleep before you come, ha! ha! ha!

Warm, warm welcome!!!!!!!

Sr. Ched

This is how much your going there means to the children. This beautifully explains what Mother Teresa says, "In this life you cannot do great things, you can only do little things with great love." The advent mission is about sharing God's love with someone be it a lonely Cambodian child (I remember an ACTS participant crying last year when a child asked her to be a mother) or reaching out to a fellow participant. if you go with the idea of sharing, you will experience the joy of service. I wish all of you a fruitful and meaningful trip.

God bless!


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