ACTS Singapore Gala Dinner 2022

19 Aug 2022, 7pm, The St Regis Singapore
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Vaccination day

Hi friends in ACTS,

Vaccination day is round the corner! Do not worry, we have a great team of doctors at hand. I would just like to remind you again the types of vaccines which you are encouraged to take.

The recommended vaccinations are:


1. TYPHOID $15

The immunity for this vaccination lasts about 3 years. You may not need one if you were vaccinated within the last 3 years.


This vaccine is given in 2 doses, 6 to 12 months apart. It should confer almost lifelong immunity if both doses are taken. If you have taken only one in the last year or so, it would be good for you to complete the immunisation with a second dose.

3. TETANUS $15

The immunity from this lasts 10 years. This vaccine is advised for those doing 'hard labour' eg. building and repair works. The participants for GROTTO works and those at MC Home should consider taking this vaccine.


Those of you who have recently taken the Southern Hemisphere vaccine earlier this year will not need another one.

Please print out the Pre Vaccination Form, read it, fill up the form and return it at the payment counter on Sunday. There is more information in there.

There will be a payment counter and 4 Vaccination Stations one for each type of vaccine at the Church canteen. This will only be open after the briefing. Payment can be made by CASH or CHEQUE. Please try to have the correct change for payment if you are making a cash payment. You will be issued a certificate detailing the Vaccinations you have taken.

If you have any doubts or queries please do contact us through email at the ACTS website. You may also like to raise your queries with me after the briefing. Till we meet again on Sunday!


Dr Pris
Healthcare Team ACTS 2011