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2007 Cambodia

ACTS 2007

On 14th December 2007, 46 parishioners from Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace together with 10 medical students from our local university shelved their usual year end holiday plans and took the road less traveled. Instead, they traveled to a village 30min from Phnom Penh called Phum Chreh where they spent the next 7 days interacting with the Cambodian children and their families. The group consisted of Catholics and non-Catholics with the youngest being only 9 years old and the eldest being 75 years old.

They coined the trip Advent Cambodia Trips (ACTs). The ‘s’ at the end was purposefully added to mean that there will be more than one such mission trip rather than a ‘one-off’ event which could easily be misinterpreted as a ‘feel good’ trip.

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