ACTS Singapore Gala Dinner 2022

19 Aug 2022, 7pm, The St Regis Singapore
Dress Code: Shades of Blue

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Embracing ACTS’s mission

Some people from Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd, were so inspired by Carol Then, a veteran with ACTS Missions to Phnom Penh, that they decided to make that journey on their own to seek out for themselves what keeps us going back.

“A seed was sowed and this changed the lives of 14 volunteers & 30 students

It began in August 2014…Jasmine wrote me an email to enquire about the ACTS Mission trip which I have been doing. Her manager and team-mates were exploring an idea to do something meaningful for their teambuilding event. Hence, they cast the net and enquired from colleagues about Missions they have done before. She knew about this Mission through our casual conversations when I shared about my experience as a volunteer in Cambodia.

I remembered vividly on 25 August, armed with the training material prepared for Cambodia, and brimming enthusiasm, I met Jasmine and her manager, Beat. I started my sharing about my week spent in the Toul Kork Vocational Training Institute for Girls. After the meeting, both of them were eager to discover more and so I linked Jasmine to Sr Leeza. The rest is history.

Beat, Jasmine and their team set off on 8 January 2015 to the shores of Cambodia and … they were touched by the warmth, authenticity and sincerity of the TK students. They cooked, shared meals, learned, presented, and explored Phnom Penh together. The few days passed quickly as they enjoyed the interaction and sharing of different cultures with one another.

The team also raised funds in excess of US$3,000 to sponsor all the Year 2 students for a 5-month period of extra English lessons before they graduate in July this year.

When Beat, Jasmine and their team came back to Singapore, I could see the joy and happiness on their faces and I knew that this meaningful experience in Cambodia will remain in their hearts for a long time to come.

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