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Letter from Abroad: Desk of Sr. Dory Helena Ramirez
(Don Bosco School - Phum Chreh)

aoa 06bDearest Dr John, Dr Priscilla and Dr Margaret!

Hope this message finds you and all your dear ones well!

This is to share and to express to all of you our love and gratitude for the wonderful experience you, once more gave to us all. We had our trip over the weekend in July even though the raining season has started. The Lord gave us a wonderful weather during our excursion, so the children were able to enjoy themselves and learnt much.

In the previous week, we also have the outing of the Kindergarten. The children visited DreamLand in Phnom Penh. With a little contribution from all of them and your generous help we were able to do both... a whole $200 Dollars remain after covering all the expenses. We will use the excess to help defray the costs for renovation works at the Kindergarten of Chress. With the new school year, we will have one more class for the three-years old children of the village.

Here I am sending some of the pictures... so you can see a little of what we have experience during the excursions...

Once more THANK YOU, VERY MUCH! The Lord for sure, will reward in return abundantly the joy you have given to our children. Their parents and all the Sisters, teachers and the staff would like to say ‘Thank you, Thank you very much’.

Love and prayers from the family of Chress


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