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ACTS Myanmar Mission

updated 19 Oct 2012


8 to 12 August 2012

Recce Trip, volunteers needed for December 2012 trip

In August 2012, five of us visited Yangon, Myanmar to explore mission opportunities there. We met up with the Salesian sisters and also visited the Canossa Home, the IJ mission and some parishes to understand their needs and the help required.

Another trip to Myanmar is being planned tentatively from 8 to 15 December 2012. Besides helping out in Yangon, a visit to 3 centres in Mandalay, run by the Salesian sisters, is being planned. We have also gotten in touch with the Catholic Health Commission in Yangon and plan to meet them to discuss the possibility of offering medical help.

For the coming December trip (as it is still mainly recce in nature), we can accommodate 6-8 participants, preferably those who might be prepared to subsequently lead in the areas of education, catechesis, physical help (eg grotto building, painting, maintenance, etc) and medical/dental care (doctors/dentists).

Those interested may contact Gabriel Ong at e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Church of St Gemma Galgani in Shwepyitha, outside Yangon

A visit to the parish at Shwepyitha outside Yangon which received funding for a water and sanitation project. The little church is packed during Sunday Mass. Some members live across the river, so if low tide is expected on Sunday, they will cross over on Saturday and spend the night in the church so as to be able to attend Mass the next day. Faith is very much alive in this unknown part of the world.


Storage tank and pump in a parishioner’s house

The project is to provide the church and parishioners’ homes with water supply and flush system toilets. How happy they are to receive simple comforts which we tend to take for granted. The parishioners typically live in small wooden huts shared by many family members. In spite of the little that they have they still manage to get by, with God’s grace



Interaction with the IJ trainee teachers

The IJ Mission provides training for trainee teachers. After attending a two-year course, they are sent out to the regions to teach. We found the young people filled with hope for a better tomorrow in their country. They were eager to learn to overcome the setback of an archaic  educational system that has impeded progress. The IJ mission is planning to buy land and build its centre. Funding help is needed. Contributions can be made to:
Myanmar Mission c/o Infant Jesus Sisters
9-A Cooling Close, Singapore 558170



Sewing workshop at the home of the Salesian Sisters

The sewing workshop provides work for the girls who board with the sisters. They sew garments and apparels for priests and religious. The sisters dedicate their lives to serving the poor and needy and were so happy to know that others care and would like to come and help.


Our group with the Salesian Sisters

The Salesian Sisters are also looking for land to build a kindergarten and school outside Yangon. They also have 3 centres in Mandalay where girls are being housed, taught the faith and educated. Help is also needed in Mandalay and the sisters are eager for us to visit them there.


Meeting the live-in trainee teachers at the Canossa Home

The young ladies live in the home while being trained as teachers. They come from different parts of Myanmar and will be sent out of Yangon to teach after their course. It is through the dedication and effort of the Canossian Sisters and their benefactors that the new Canossa Home was built to serve the young ladies and the community.


We conducted a CGS session at Canossa Home

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) session led the young ladies to reflect on their relationship with Jesus, the Good Shepherd who calls them and invites them to His Eucharistic feast. We were encouraged by their wholehearted participation and open sharing.


Meeting the children at the orphanage in Sacred Heart parish in Kyautan, outside Yangon

The orphanage houses more than 100 children. It is run by the parish priest with the assistance of a brother and several sisters. The children lost their families during Typhoon Nargis. At least these children have a home and are being cared for. What about those who haven’t?


Article contributed by Gabriel


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