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ACTS started as an initiative of Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Singapore in 2007, when a group of parishioners wanted to share the joy of Christmas with other less fortunate in Cambodia and has since grown into a ‘yearly pilgrimage’ for parishioners of many parishes during the season of Advent.

ACTS is a year round program supporting the missionary activities of the Catholic Church not only in Cambodia, Myanmar and Philippines but also in Vietnam. ACTS has also been invited to replicate its programs in Indonesia and India. If you are keen to participate in ACTS please contact us.

ACTS Missions to Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia

3 Nov 2019

The mission send-off was held on 3rd Nov 2019 for the missions departing for Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia. Organised by the Franciscan friars-in-formation, about 300 participants attended the session that was celebrated by Friar Michael D'Cruz. The participants were exhorted to see the face of Christ in one another, a message that resonated strongly with their mission goals.

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